Get along with some real thrill and fun with non-stop winnings! Make your virtual team of 11 players and join the upcoming matches to enjoy and win big cash amounts. It is an easy-to-play real money earning games that can make you have the fun of real cricket matches. Score maximum points and have the winning position in the fantasy cricket app

You will score points based on the real performances of the players chosen in your team. Win real cash rewards and winnings with the points you earn. So, always choose the players who are in their best form and can lead to much more winnings. Choose the captain and vice-captain wisely because they eventually have the supreme power to earn some extra points. 

The online fantasy cricket has leagues has set some tremendous trends and parameters. More and more people are getting into it and enjoying real money earning games online. There are many online platforms where you can play and win big, if you choose it with the relevant thoughts. Get onto the Fantasy Dangal app with your friends and win some big cash rewards with your favourite sports online! 

How to play on the Fantasy Dangal app?

Here are the simple steps that can move you towards the big cash winnings and rewards on the Fantasy Dangal app. Play on India’s fastest growing fantasy app and win some best rewards ever. 

  • Download the app from the official website of Fantasy Dangal and sign-up with the relevant information that you need. 
  • Choose the type of contests you want to join. 
  • Make your team with the best 11 players and also go through the rules. 
  • Then, join the contest!

This is how simple it is to play on the Fantasy Dangal app. So, get your skills in action and win big on the Fantasy Dangal app. 

Best tips and tricks to play fantasy cricket

Looking for some great tactics to have huge winnings? Have a look on these and get started with your game. 

  • Have a look on the player’s performance

This is one of the main things you need to do before you create your team. Do not select a player who is not performing well. These players are responsible for the scores and your winnings. So, you have to create your team by looking upon all the factors like pitch, weather and player’s past performances as well. 

  • Select top-order batsmen

When you play the limited-overs game, the top-order batsmen are frequently the ones who get most of the balls. So, they can award you with most of the points. Choose more of them so that you can have a win-win situation at last. 

  • Go for the best captain and vice-captain 

They can be the most crucial players for your team as they can score some extra points. The captain will be able to score 2x more, and the vice-captain has the power to score 1.5x more than the other players. So, always choose an in-form all-rounder who can make it a win!

  • Last minute changes are necessary 

When you play on the fantasy cricket app, you only have a brief window to make any last minute changes based on the toss, so always stay updated with the cricket knowledge and news. Make the final adjustments as they are necessary for the winnings. 

So, don’t wait! Download the best fantasy cricket app out there. Play on the Fantasy Dangal app, make your team and get ready to win some big cash rewards and winnings with your skills. Play responsibly because you can win and lose both while indulging in the real cash games online. Get started with the upcoming matches.